Payment Reminder Systems (AutoPAY)

  • Pro-active automatic collection device for Lenders & Dealers.
  • Code Based payment reminder with visual and audible notification
  • Automatic operation includes built in clock, calendar and memory.

CatTracker BHPH GPS Asset location systems

  • A best in class asset location device available for Lenders & Dealers.
  • WEB based operation includes iPone or Android mobile app .
  • Available with backup battery and start interrupt. 
  • 3 year airtime

CatTracker PowerSport GPS

  • (A self-contained silent alarm,locator and monitor for your machine).
  •  WEB based operation includes iPhone & Android mobile app.

CatTracker Personal Vehicle GPS 

  • "Plug & Play" electronic technology. For vehicle monitoring and your loved ones security,location and peace of mind.
  • Web based operation includes iPhone or Android mobile app.

All GPS include detailed reports and notifications from your private account.

Notifications include: Tow alert, Low Voltage, Over Speed, Geofence, Start & Stop.