What is AutoPay?

AutoPay is a payment protection system that is installed in a vehicle to ensure payments are made by the vehicle operator. In the event these payments are not made, the vehicle will be disabled until payment has been received. AutoPay is safe and does not pose any safety hazards to its vehicle or its passengers.

How Does AutoPay Work?

The computer programmed component acts as a starter interrupt in the event that a payment code is not entered. AutoPay acts as a payment reminder and works as follows:

□   If the LED light under dash unit is blinking RED then the grace period has begun.

□   If the LED light is blinking 3 times, this means there are 3 days left on the grace period or the vehicle will be disabled.

   If the LED light is blinking 2 times, this means 2 days are left on the grace period to make a payment or the vehicle will be disabled.

   If the LED light is blinking 1 time coupled with a beep, this means the last operating day before the vehicle is disabled.

Why is AutoPay Beneficial?

The AutoPay system has helped thousands of people with the opportunity to rebuild their credit. In this fast paced environment, we often need a reminder to help us prioritize and pay our bills. AutoPay will assist in developing good credit behavior.

How Much Does AutoPay Cost?

Nothing. AutoPay is owned and maintained by the lien holder or car dealer.

Example of a good statement for your customer to review

To Our Valued Customer... 

We understand there are times when there has been no established credit and you have had no opportunity to obtain credit. We also understand sometimes bad things happen to good people such as divorce, corporate downsizing or bankruptcy. Reasons such as these can cause credit problems.

Our customers pay because they need their vehicle and they are willing to accept direction and help with payment behavior to get back on track. We want you to know our dealership understands credit problems. That is why we go through the added expense to help our customers be successful by using the AutoPay system.

The AutoPay system will help you develop good paying habits which will then provide you with the opportunity to rebuild your credit.

Most people respect those who have helped them like parents, teachers or coaches. We want to earn your respect as one of our customers for life.

AutoPay Keeps You Driving           From Your Local Car Dealer