CatTracker - Power Sport

  (Part# X4000BE)


The CatTracker Power Sport device is a Safety/Power Sport vehicle /Driver management tool that helps the owner to better manage the Power Sport vehicle and riders. Provides personal safety by allowing authorized personnel to locate the Power Sport vehicle at anytime using the internet or a web based smart phone.

 If you're looking for peace of mind then you're looking for real time GPS tracking. Power sport vehicle theft continues to rise. Power sport owners need every advantage possible when it comes to protecting their assets. Our product allows you to instantly locate and control your PS vehicle or asset with a simple click of the mouse. If your Power Sport vehicle should get moved without the key being turned on then our system will send you a text message and e-mail alerting you.

 The CatTracker X4000BE is also good for: Motorcycles, ATV's & Quad's, Snow Mobiles and RV's.

 The Power Sport device installs easily into any motorcycle, off road vehicle, ATV or RV. The dealer can easily install them in their fleet off   road vehicles, motorcycles and RV customer's vehicles.

Device Features:

  • Easy installation 
  • Internal Antenna
  • First year airtime included
  • 1 input (alarm trigger)
  • 1 output (trigger, starter disable)

 Airtime Service Features

  1. 100 "On Demand" locates included (Others available by purchasing online)
  2. Every hour automatic updates daily (While PS vehicle is moving)
  3. Unlimited ignition on and off reporting online
  4. Motion sensor - know when PS vehicle is moved by text and email.
  5. Very LOW Battery draw (20 microamps)


  1. Be able to find PS vehicle(online) at anytime (in real time)
  2. 1 hour automatic updates while moving
  3. Know where the PS vehicle started and stopped (ignition on/off reporting) throughout the day
  4. Know the driving habits of the driver by watching the over speed notifications (speed alert)
  5. Be able to set 3 invisible thresholds (Geo-fences) around anything that the owner wants to be notified of crossing (Geo-fence notification)
  6. Be able to disable and enable the starter online.
  7. If the PS vehicle is deemed stolen you can shut the starter off, the vehicle cannot be re started unless the account owner reactivates it.
  8. System can be set up where if the factory alarm is triggered it will tell the customer by email and text that their PS vehicle was stolen.

Vehicle Alerts (By Text and email)

1. Over speed alert (Set by account owner)

2. Geo-fence alert (500 ft - 50 miles)

Automatic Maintenance/Alerts

Reminders can be sent to the account owner or designated person by text and email - (Based on mileage, engine hours or time)

Maintenance reminders can be set.


  • When the PS vehicle hits a predetermined mileage threshold the customer will receive an email/Text that it's time for their 30,000 mile service.
  • When the PS vehicle hits a predetermined mileage threshold they will receive an email/Text that it's time for their oil change, scheduled maintenance etc.

 Breadcrumb Trail Options

If the account owner ever wants to track (5 min breadcrumb trail) for a period of time (day, days, week, weeks or months). They can choose how long they wish to track it and schedule the time/day by calendar.


 Unit Price includes:

 1yr Product Warranty and 1st year of Service is included:

  • ▪ 100 "On Demand" locates included (Others available by purchasing online)
  • ▪ Once an hour automatic update (while PS vehicle is moving)
  • ▪ Ignition on and off reporting